Achilles Tendinopathy (Part 1)

Duration: 16mins    Presenter: Nathan Carloss


This series of videos will visit the  ever increasing research area of tendinopathy.  Achilles tendinopathy is the most common form of tendinopathy accounting for approximately 8% of the middle distance running population with high morbidity levels.


The first installment steps the user through the causes of achilles tendon overload.  This is usually due to some form of loading spike in the recent training history. The different types of Achilles tendinopathy , insertional and midportion are outlined with guidance for the likely prognosis of the management of these problems.  Key differential diagnosis principles will  allow for accurate diagnosis allowing a management plan to capture the tendinopathy stage and treat accordingly.


Fast track your clinical experience with inside knowledge of the sporting Achilles.  Useful tid bits, clinical expeeriences and assessment techniques are scattered throughout the video. 


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