Achilles Tendinopathy (Part 3)

Duration: 25mins    Presenter: Nathan Carloss


The final installment of this series on achilles tendinopathy will guide the user through evidence based management principles achilles pain.

Many objective measures including pain diary, VAS scores, VISA-A and calf raise test are proposed to guide rehabilitation. Without measures there limited ability to plan, plot timelines and progress exercise therapy.  Our key goal is to load the tendon safely.

Rehabilitation is grouped into four stages of tendon loading stemming from the work of researchers and clinicians. Particularly the work of Dr Jill Cook and Craig Purdam.  This is the best information in the concepts of tendon management.

Other treatment adjuncts like drug therapies, doloclast, PRP, autologous blood injections and GTN patches are discussed with reference to both clinical experiences and literature.

Super charge your management of this challenging condition with knowledge and the rehab steps to success.


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