Myofascial Flossing for Ankle and Triceps Surae Stiffness

Duration: 11mins    Presenter: Nathan Carloss


This video displays myofascial flossing for the ankle and the triceps surae muscle group.  This simple strategy to relieve pain and restrictions in muscles and joints can be employed to great effect for clinical therapists.


All you need is some theraband or a specific floss band.  Wrapping  the ankle and calf muscles tightly then moving through a range of movement will enhance sliding and gliding of myofascial layers on each other.


The effect is four fold.  As mentioned above tight bound down layers of tissue are mobilized with movement.  Secondly greater excursion of movement results in friction free range of motion (ROM). Thirdly pain is reduced due an inhibitory effect on autonomic nervous system receptors. And last but not least the compressive effect from the band, when it is released there is a big pulse of new blood flow into potentially under-perfused tissues


The applications are endless, limited only by creativity.  Follow the entire series on myofascial flossing to improve management outcomes for stubborn treatment areas.


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