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uploaded 29/11/2016
Thumb Sports Taping

with Nathan Carloss

uploaded 29/11/2016
uploaded 29/11/2016
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Triangular Fibrocartilage Wrist Taping Technique

with Nathan Carloss

This video gives a simple but effective taping technique for ulnar sided wrist ligament injury.  Improvement in symptoms while primary healing is occurring is a...


Duration: 8mins

Lumbar Box Tape for Lumbar Spine Support

with Nathan Carloss

Low back pain is a common physical complaint.  Even worse is a back spasm which results in sever pain and loss of normal movements.   As you...


Duration: 8mins

Lateral Ligament Ankle Taping

with Nathan Carloss

Inversion ankle sprains are common in athletes.  The severity of this injury can vary widely and taping is common.  Techniques offered in this video progress...


Duration: 18mins

Teaching Safe Bench Press

with Chris Gaviglio

This short video presents the overview of a safe bench press technique.  Everything from set up, pretension of the body to prevent shoulder problems, plane...


Duration: 5mins

Infrapatella Deload Tape

with Nathan Carloss

This short video will step the clinician through another option for deloading the infrapatella region.  A general overview the clinician will learn the appropriate skin...


Duration: 7mins

Imaging Basics (Part 1)

with Nathan Carloss

This video is part 1 of a gentle introduction into the world of imaging for clinicians.  Recognizing the correct imaging modality is paramount for diagnosis.   This...


Duration: 20mins

Imaging Basics (Part 2)

with Nathan Carloss

This video is part 2 of an introduction into the world of radiology for clinicians.  Recognizing the correct imaging modality is paramount for diagnosis.   This video...


Duration: 27mins

Two Examples of Hamstring Exercises for Rehabilitation

with Chris Gaviglio

This video outlines two hamstring strengthening exercises.  The first is a hanging bent hip thrust using a bar and a bench to provide the resistance...


Duration: 3mins

Gluteal Strength Exercises

with Chris Gaviglio

This short video shows the higher level glute exercises available to the clinician.    The two exercises are single leg glute bridge for unilateral lower limb control...


Duration: 2mins

How to Make a Foot Block for Increasing Ankle Dorsiflexion

with Nathan Carloss

Improving joint range of motion (ROM) is a significant hurdle for clinicians.  Fear avoidance to facilitate a normal movement patterns can be met with patient...


Duration: 12mins

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